My programming page


I have good programming practice.  I write auxiliary software for my research myself. If you share my programming interests and want to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to write me!

Programming languages I use

FORTRAN 77 - I  used this language for my M.Sc. Project entitled “Designing of different circuits using FORTRAN 77 ”, in which I designed some electronic circuits.

Turbo-BASIC – The computer programme for Finite Element method for my Ph.D. work is developed in TURBO-VBASIC. I have developed my own Finite Element Method programme in TURBO-BASIC ( in 1992, as it was the package having the facilities of graphics and independent subroutines. Even though FORTRAN is the scientific language and is good for numerical calculations, it was not having the graphics commands and hence it was not used by us for the FEM development). This Language is also used by me for the development of software suitable for Time Domain Reflectometry ( TDR) experiment. In connection with this, the Fourier Transform techniques, Least-squares fitting technique for nonlinear complex expression, filtering technique are employed in the data processing. 

C  -      I have learnt some subset of them, but I did not have any real opportunity to use them yet.

Visual FORTRAN -  a great scientific computation package, a major step from Fortran'77 to a normal programming language.  Presently I am writing some programmes using Visual FORTRAN for the postdoctoral work at National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan.  

Gaussian 98 : I have used this package for Computation chemistry study.

HTML - I use it for creating this Web page and for many other things.


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